Apr. 25th, 2012

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H'okay, so, since I've already done a character migration to DW before, I thought I'd point out a few things to make some things easier. You all may already know these things, but here goes, anyway.

1) Under the "Organize" tab, at the top of the DW page, there will be an Import Content, selection. Selecting this will allow you to import posts, icons and more.

Select Insane Journal, obviously, enter the journal name and password of your character from IJ, click all the boxes, et, voila!

2) "Claiming" your account. You'll notice that a lot of the imported journals are now done by blahblah.insanejournal.com. Whelp, what you need to do, is this:

-Go to http://www.dreamwidth.org/openid/claim
-Make sure you're logged into the relevant character in both DW, and IJ
-Enter the relevant information in the fields in the account and click Claim Account
-Click yes, and the request will go through. This generally takes a few days to go through,
if I recall right, so don't worry.

Whelp, those are my few words of wisdom. I hope that helps.


Apr. 25th, 2012 10:31 pm
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It would be nifty to have pretty themes. If anyone has any damn clue how to make pretty layouts, please go for it.

If not, eh, we'll survive.


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