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ANYWAY. I want to make things very, very clear when it comes to world building and Chaos Precip.

We want you to world-build. We want you to add to the places, plants, animals, religions, cultures, and things that populate the world. With very limited exceptions you do not need to ask permission to add to the world.

We know that things get very confusing for people and nobody wants to overstep, so here's the official guide to world building.

Step 1: Check the wiki for information on the whatever-it-is you're considering adding.
Step 2A: If the whatever-it-is already exists, read over the information. You may add information to the existing article, you may not remove information.
Step 2B: If the whatever-it-is does not exist make a wiki page for it and fill in as much information as you have. Some basic information requests:
Animals: Base species: what animal the creature mutated from. Alignment: Same as with people. Traits: These include physical traits such as size and weight, any powers that might be expressed, markings common to the breed, habits, preferred environment, and ranges.
Plants: Base species: what plant the creature mutated from. Alignment: Usually "Nature" Traits: These include physical traits such as size and weight, any powers that might be expressed, marking, preferred environment, uses, and ranges.
Settlements: Name, Location, Dominant Culture (if any), Notable Religions (if any, link to religion entry), Surrounding Landscape.
Religions: Name, Nickname (if any), Beliefs, Range, Prejudices. Please remember that any real-world religions must be treated with respect and disrespectful treatment of any real-world religions will be removed. There are other places to be political.
Political Movements: Name, Nickname, Beliefs, Range, Rough number of adherents.
Spells/Powers: Add a brief description to the page on the appropriate element. If you are unsure about this one, contact a mod.
Step 3: Go ahead and start using it in game.

You do not have to add illustrations to your plants and animals.
You do not have to add maps to your settlements.


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