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Okay, guys...

What can I do to make you post more?

Lay it on me, whatever it is you want, I'll do. More plot, less plot, dancing NPCs, cookies? I will bake and send cookies if that's what it takes.
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Hi again (does anyone read these?) everyone. Some quick updates to the powers section of the wiki. I've stuck the powers from Avatar: the Last Airbender into the system, so if you're watching or rewatching that and get ideas from it, they're pretty much covered. If you're not sure, as always, just ping one of the mods and we'll help figure it out.
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1) Wiki Our wiki-master is currently setting up the wiki so that on your character profile there will be a link back to your tag, i.e. making it much easier to find posts that your character has been in. Your job, players, is to go through and tag all the things you have been in. All of 'em. I went through and did a lot of them a while back, but each of you should go check and make sure that your tag is on everything you've been in.

2) War We've got the two preludes up and running. More things will be unfolding soon.

3) Not-here-ness I-the-Madb will be in Cincinnati attending a memorial service this weekend. I will be gone between Friday morning (US time) and Sunday night (US time). During the time that I am gone please refer to [personal profile] harmitwithspark or [personal profile] resonant_eve at AIM: Veldrin Dalharil and Caligo87 respectively. You can also e-mail me with questions, but I won't get 'em until I get back.

4) The botanical and the bestiary are looking good! Keep adding things to 'em! Ditto settlements.

5) So we've got us some honest-to-Bob antagonists now. Do y'all want to see bios of them? Do you want them to remain cyphers? Lay it on me.
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Okay, we ARE still doing the war, things have just been rough here so it's going to be starting later this month instead of (obviously) near the first.

A couple of things I want to note:
•There will be at least one, in most cases two, threads available for every player character regardless of how often that character has or has not been played.

•We want to make it clear that there is a real possibility that NYC could be lost. We'll be threading things out, and if the NPCs win the Org will lose control of the city. It'll be up to the player characters to fight this out. Or not!
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The next wide-spread plot that we are going to do is set to begin in June, with some prelude things prior to that. This will be a war over NYC.

This time, to make sure that everyone gets a shot at shining, we're going to ask you to sign up. Just comment here if you are interested in playing.

We do have ideas for every single player character, and each person will get their very own scene unique to them if they choose to sign up. This doesn't mean that it's mandatory, merely that we're thinking of you.

The plot tag will be plot: nyc war.

In addition to the mod created scene posts, we encourage anyone who has ties to NYC to react to the preludes, perhaps use them as potential scene starters of your own.
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Currently we have 29 characters.
Power levels:
3 are Aligned
17 are Masters
7 are Adept and
2 are Mitochondrial Active

6 Nature
3 Space
2 Air
2 Mitochondrial
3 Lightning
2 Light
3 Earth
3 Water
2 Dark
3 Fire

Katzu-Olia halfbreed: 1
Human-Olia halfbreed: 1
Olia: 11
Katzu: 7
Mitochondrial Active: 2
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ANYWAY. I want to make things very, very clear when it comes to world building and Chaos Precip.

We want you to world-build. We want you to add to the places, plants, animals, religions, cultures, and things that populate the world. With very limited exceptions you do not need to ask permission to add to the world.

We know that things get very confusing for people and nobody wants to overstep, so here's the official guide to world building.

Step 1: Check the wiki for information on the whatever-it-is you're considering adding.
Step 2A: If the whatever-it-is already exists, read over the information. You may add information to the existing article, you may not remove information.
Step 2B: If the whatever-it-is does not exist make a wiki page for it and fill in as much information as you have. Some basic information requests:
Animals: Base species: what animal the creature mutated from. Alignment: Same as with people. Traits: These include physical traits such as size and weight, any powers that might be expressed, markings common to the breed, habits, preferred environment, and ranges.
Plants: Base species: what plant the creature mutated from. Alignment: Usually "Nature" Traits: These include physical traits such as size and weight, any powers that might be expressed, marking, preferred environment, uses, and ranges.
Settlements: Name, Location, Dominant Culture (if any), Notable Religions (if any, link to religion entry), Surrounding Landscape.
Religions: Name, Nickname (if any), Beliefs, Range, Prejudices. Please remember that any real-world religions must be treated with respect and disrespectful treatment of any real-world religions will be removed. There are other places to be political.
Political Movements: Name, Nickname, Beliefs, Range, Rough number of adherents.
Spells/Powers: Add a brief description to the page on the appropriate element. If you are unsure about this one, contact a mod.
Step 3: Go ahead and start using it in game.

You do not have to add illustrations to your plants and animals.
You do not have to add maps to your settlements.


Apr. 25th, 2012 10:31 pm
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It would be nifty to have pretty themes. If anyone has any damn clue how to make pretty layouts, please go for it.

If not, eh, we'll survive.
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