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Well, ladies and gentleman we have our first plotty thing!

Kitanji Megumi, of Shibuya, California, has sent out a request to Billy Pardy for help with his current mind-controlling-slugs situation. Due to the extremely low power of the people in the town, they're pretty helpless right now.

After Bill has shaken off his initial reaction, the Organisation will be sending out "please help these folks" notices, and any characters who want to go pound on slugs will be welcome to do so.

For some idea of how these little suckers operate you can check out "Slither", Bill's home canon, or just run with "they're big, brown, and fuck with your braaaaaaaain!"

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L wants to get in on this.
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So, thoughts!

Larxene can ask L to observe, not in the town but in questioning those rescued from the town/relocated nearby?

Batou and his Remy can basically put up a cordon around the town, flame and lightning barriers to keep slugs from spreading?

Clarice can be on 'retrieve villages that aren't infected' duty?

And Aya, well, she can go in and kill things.

Random thought...are these slugs likely to remember Bill? Cause that'd be a whole new level of crazy!

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So will male Remy be going to help out, or are we still on track for smuggling track-down?

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Remy is not part of the Org, he's got no reason to be skipping off to rescue people unless it's guild business, so, TREASURE HUNTING HO!