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Power updates

Hi again (does anyone read these?) everyone. Some quick updates to the powers section of the wiki. I've stuck the powers from Avatar: the Last Airbender into the system, so if you're watching or rewatching that and get ideas from it, they're pretty much covered. If you're not sure, as always, just ping one of the mods and we'll help figure it out.
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Yaay Avatar :) I've finished the Codex Alera series, so that's also influencing how I think about elemental powers.

One thing I noticed is that most of the active characters are Masters, with Adepts being (rightfully) rare, and Aligned and Child levels under-represented. I'll try to write a few fiction pieces to showcase what such people can do.
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Fiction to explore what the common people are doing off on the sidelines of the world was always my goal, it's fun. :)