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More Mod Post



One of the things I am hearing most is "Insane Journal keeps losing tags, that's why I don't play".

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Voting for yes. It would make it a lot easier to keep up with the game and would inspire me to be more active to have CP on my Reading list where I check on my other games.

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*Shrug* I don't have any problems with Insane Journal, actually. It's some Dreamwidth communities that are giving me shit an not giving me notifs.

All in all, I could go either way?

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I haven't had trouble with either site and so I'm fine with whatever is done.

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Okay, elaborating on that:

I think Insanejournal is a borked site and that the person who runs it is pretty super inattentive. The only reason it has any merit is because it's not Livejournal. I followed along with the transition that scans_daily ran through from this site to Dreamwidth. The people who run DW care, deeply, about its userbase, and their integrity is so rock solid that they lost money because of it, deep amounts, because they didn't cowtow to Paypal's demands to block alleged illegal content on their site without an investigation.

Livejournal is a piece of shit, Insanejournal's slightly better as an alternative. Dreamwidth are people who are worth supporting. And more than that? Almost all the LJ comms I know of are moving to, or have moved to Dreamwidth. It's a mass immigration.

If we can get on board with the RP network forming on DW, we can get more opportunities for advertising. We could cater to some channels that are surely on there, that people might be interested in.

And more than that, on a personal level? I don't RP much here. I'm sad that I don't. I wish I could. But I don't look at this site enough, I don't automatically go here when I don't have anything to do. I have more than enough space on my DW reading list that I could fit this site into the list of my personal page. I could use it for that. Which would mean at least one player here would be more active.

This is a good thing, people. I strongly advocate that we move to Dreamwidth.