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Mod post

For future reference in tags.

Plots should be tagged as "plot: (plot name)" eg; plot: mammoth caves
Locations should be tagged as "location: (location name)" eg; location: chicago
Character tags do not need to have character: (name), they'll still just be (name)

Please try to remember to tag everything, and if you choose to go back and tag old things appropriately I'll be thrilled.

Wiki stuff
I want to have canon pages, so hat if we ever get more players (go recruit, people) they'll have a good idea of what the alternate history for the canons are. I'm willing to do the grunt-work on that. If you have any major canon changes that are not in your applications please, please, PLEASE post here and let me know. This will make it easier on everyone in the long run.

Posting remains very, very slow. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can make this game more interesting, please let me know. I'm willing to run personal plots, to do more game-wide plots, pretty much whatever it takes. Just let me know and I'll do it, guys.

I've got a couple of places to look for more players, but it'd be wicked awesome if you guys could shop us around as well. This goes into the last one, more people will mean more things going on which means more activity which means more fun.

New wiki section on terms we use, such as how affiliation levels are used.

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