Jun. 20th, 2012

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1) Wiki Our wiki-master is currently setting up the wiki so that on your character profile there will be a link back to your tag, i.e. making it much easier to find posts that your character has been in. Your job, players, is to go through and tag all the things you have been in. All of 'em. I went through and did a lot of them a while back, but each of you should go check and make sure that your tag is on everything you've been in.

2) War We've got the two preludes up and running. More things will be unfolding soon.

3) Not-here-ness I-the-Madb will be in Cincinnati attending a memorial service this weekend. I will be gone between Friday morning (US time) and Sunday night (US time). During the time that I am gone please refer to [personal profile] harmitwithspark or [personal profile] resonant_eve at AIM: Veldrin Dalharil and Caligo87 respectively. You can also e-mail me with questions, but I won't get 'em until I get back.

4) The botanical and the bestiary are looking good! Keep adding things to 'em! Ditto settlements.

5) So we've got us some honest-to-Bob antagonists now. Do y'all want to see bios of them? Do you want them to remain cyphers? Lay it on me.


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