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Is this thing on?

Okay! Some questions!

1) Does anyone want us to move our information onto a wiki? I've got a friend willing to help me learn how to use such things.

2) Don't forget that you can update new places, plants, and animals at whim. In addition, I'm starting to illustrate the animals...but hey! Other people want to draw pictures too? Go for it!

3) We're talking about expanding information on the various species, such as primary diets, what they're descended from, and so on. Thoughts on that? Anything that doesn't jive with current characters can be ignored/grandfathered out for current characters.

4) Currently running plots:
~Main storyline (Batou & Remy H, and the TJ, Clarice, Havelock group are currently active)
~Apprentice abuser storyline (Batou & Remy H)
~Mammoth Caves (L & Aya Brea)
~Slavery plot (Cloak & Dagger)
Anyone who doesn't have something going on can feel free to ping me and I'll happily either slide you into something or give you something new to play with. Non-plot related things going on include Eve and Raz just being kids at each other, and Butterfly wandering around the south east.

5) New player! Whee! Everyone say hi!


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