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Wiki update and general information

There is now a wiki for the game found at

The wiki is read-only to the general public, and requires account creation to edit. Please contact a mod to get set up. Anyone with an account can edit any page, except those pages that have been protected.

This is not a Wikia site; this is MediaWiki - the same software used at Wikipedia. It is hosted on its own computer - my computer, in fact :) If it turns out that the community prefers Wikia or something else, I'll make arrangements to transfer over data.

Since I'm not in the game, I won't be editing anyone's actual content, but I will be making edits to link pages together, categorize pages, and the like. My goal is for the people running the game to have time to do so, and not get bogged down in administration or fiddly wiki editing details.

If you have questions, please post and I'll try to answer.

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