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Is this thing on?

Okay! Some questions!

1) Does anyone want us to move our information onto a wiki? I've got a friend willing to help me learn how to use such things.

2) Don't forget that you can update new places, plants, and animals at whim. In addition, I'm starting to illustrate the animals...but hey! Other people want to draw pictures too? Go for it!

3) We're talking about expanding information on the various species, such as primary diets, what they're descended from, and so on. Thoughts on that? Anything that doesn't jive with current characters can be ignored/grandfathered out for current characters.

4) Currently running plots:
~Main storyline (Batou & Remy H, and the TJ, Clarice, Havelock group are currently active)
~Apprentice abuser storyline (Batou & Remy H)
~Mammoth Caves (L & Aya Brea)
~Slavery plot (Cloak & Dagger)
Anyone who doesn't have something going on can feel free to ping me and I'll happily either slide you into something or give you something new to play with. Non-plot related things going on include Eve and Raz just being kids at each other, and Butterfly wandering around the south east.

5) New player! Whee! Everyone say hi!

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Hi, new player! I'm Lexi and I play L here.

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I'm all for expanded information really. It helps to give one a sense of scale as well as clearly defined sets of interactions.

Also, I should get on doing some drawings myself...

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A wiki might be a pretty good thing to have, though really, if it turns out to be a big, stressful thing, working it out, don't worry yourself over it too much. Also, any worldbuilding is more than welcome; now if only I could be arsed to break out the sketchbook.

Hallo, new player! I'm Jackie and I play Remy H. and Aura Cayer.

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Hi, new players. D:

Would always be happy for more info on new races. Give me the links and I shall DILIGENTLY STUDY.

Wiki works - good luck if you decide to go for it.

I guess... I guess I should start checking in here from time to time, huh.....
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I think a Wikia would be very helpful. I'm someone who likes to have a compendium of information right at my fingertips when I'm playing in a set game environment so I can double-check that I'm "doin it right".

And I'm all for specifics on the various species and their diets, features, etc.

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Hey! New player here :D I go by Toxic and...funnily enough...that's who I play. ^^;

Thank you for the welcomes! I would have said something last night but...well...the bed looked comfy...*cough*

Anyway. said people were allowed to draw? I'd really like to pitch in, if people don't mind a complete newb doing it :D
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"Allowed" is perhaps not the right word. Encouraged is more it. We've got several people who enjoy mucking about with arts, and a firm policy that anything which illustrates the world better is welcome.

Right now you're our only European-time-zone player, but we've got a mod in Australia, so really...we get needing to go to bed.

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Heh. I'll have to get started then, as reading through the post on animals gave me inspiration :D

Yup, in the UK here, though being an insomniac helps with timezone differences I've noted ¬¬
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Tha-at makes most of us, yes.

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Sorry for another comment, but I've got a pic of Adam's horse, Fred, up in his journal - it's not great, but it's there ^^;